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Email from Louis Hoelman on April 7th, 2019

Dear Takoma Sportscamps Families,

It has been a difficult three weeks for Takoma Sportscamps. As most of you know we have been running camp at Takoma Park Middle School (TPMS) for twenty two years. Unfortunately for this year we are going to have to relocate to John F. Kennedy High School. I hope to still serve your family this year, so please bear with me as I explain how this transpired.

On January 2, I reserved Takoma Park Middle School for our camp and was told that we could use it even though there would be a construction project at the school. I confirmed with the TPMS Principal, Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF) and the construction project manager. They all said we could use TPMS this summer. Here is a timeline for what recently changed.

- March 12, I was told by CUPF that we would not be able to use TPMS after all. I appealed that decision with the help of the Principal and the constuction project manager. MCPS ultimately said no.

- March 13, I started looking into other locations, Our back up plan has always been Piney Branch or Takoma Park Elementary Schools, but both of those are unavailable this year.

- March 21, we were told by CUPF that we could use Eastern Middle School.

- March 22, I checked out Eastern Middle School and decided this would be the best and closest option to Takoma Park. I drafted an email and prepared to change my website to reflect the change of location.

- March 24, I was told by CUPF that Eastern Middle School was no longer available because they were doing repairs in their school during the summer.

- March 25, I urgently tried to find other local locations including private schools, recreation centers and other MCPS facilities.

- March 26, I was notified by CUFP that John F. Kennedy High School was the only option anywhere close to Takoma Park.

- Since then I've continued to pursue every option I could think of that was closer to Takoma Park, such as Takoma Acadamy, The Sienna School, Don Brasco, and every MCPS option, and nothing worked out.

I know that Kennedy High School is not an ideal location for our community, but rather than cancel camp, I have decided to use it for this year. I hope that this can work out for as many Takoma Sportscamps families as possible. Other than the location, Kennedy is an excellent facility. They have great baseball and softball fields, and an excellent gym for basketball camp.

There are a couple of other things that come with this change. There will be no camp on Monday June 17, because that is now the last day for MCPS teachers due to all the snow days this school year. Also we will not be able ot use Takoma Park Recreation for aftercare. To help parents with this I will extend the camp day until 4pm to allow for a little extra time for pick ups.

I regret this will not work for everyone. As a parent of ten year old twins, I understand that part of camp is that you need it so that you can work, and this changed location makes it harder. This location is also difficult for our staff that is mainly made up of former campers, who live in Takoma Park. Takoma Park and Silver Spring Communities are who we strive to serve every year, including this one. We are hoping to be back at Takoma Park Middle School next year and into the future, and especially hope that you can still participate this year, despite the temporary change in location.

I promise I did everything I could to keep our camp local this summer. Ms. Deeny, the Principal of Takoma Park Middle School, worked hard on our behalf and I really appreciated her help. We will offer full refunds for anyone that cannot make it work at our location this summer. I will also refund the fee for our lost day (June 17). I am sorry for the late notice, but I acted as quickly as I could.

John F. Kennedy High School is located at 1901 Randolph Road Silver Spring, MD 20902.

I will be updating the logistical information on our website and sending anotehr email soon. I will be refunding everyone who has signed up for baseball session 1, for the loss of June 17, through our registration site, Active Works. Please email us your requests for all other cancellation related refunds.


Louis Hoelman

Takoma Sportscamps

Owner and Director